stamps # 0219

stamps # 0219

Folks starting a new blog have a common problem – what to name the blog.  When I started this blog I had a name picked out and WORDPRESS informed me it was taken.  The original name was POINTOFFOCUS and now I’m glad I couldn’t use it because, after seeing it in print, the two “FF”s in the middle seem awkward and one “F” would be even more awkward.  My second choice was DEEPTANK, the name of a photo process where I once worked, referring to tanks of processing chemicals that were 5 feet deep.It was actually the worse process in the history of photo processing but I thought it was a nice name for a blog.  Taken.  2CLICKSAWAY came up early in the selection process, referring to how far you can go on the internet (or how much trouble you can get into) with just  2 mouse clicks.  But I kept searching for a name for a couple of weeks for something I might like better.   Single word blog names are all gone, so a combination of words or numbers usually have to be used.

Other names that are taken are:



NORTHCOASTPHOTO (this one is mine)






Still available are:






12 thoughts on “quickwit

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, John. Although I loved ONEOWNER, I thought the best course of action to continue blogging would be to start over. The idea that blogs could outlive us and there were so many things on ONEOWNER that needed changing, it just was easier to start fresh (again), even with the difficulties of finding followers.

    1. oneowner Post author

      At the time I was searching I didn’t check QUICKWIT but I do believe it is available. I don’t think you could have done better than “Visual Notebook”, though.

  1. Paul

    I know what you mean about the double letters in the middle. I have that myself. 🙂 One of them made me laugh, CREEPHOTO, because I immediately thought: Creep Photo. I must admit, I like 2ClicksAway, as well as your reason for choosing it.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Paul. I think as more people start blogging, it will become very difficult to come up with good names. But there are some pretty crazy and creative blogs out there, anyway.


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