bloopers #1

swansa** # 3844

swansa** # 3844

I don’t know what made me decide to post my bloopers other than the fact that not all my photos are blogworthy otherwise and I have a lot of them.  A LOT of  them.  I was close enough to get a few decent swan photos (last post and this one) but not all came out as I expected.  Now that I have totally stripped this swan of it’s dignity and posted it here I’ll probably never get another good swan shot again.  Guess I’ll have to shoot some ducks now.  Fortunately, I don’t think too many folks read blogs on Sunday.


16 thoughts on “bloopers #1

  1. Anita Jesse

    I am another who visited your blog on Sunday and this was definitely the biggest laugh I had all day. The comments have been priceless. Thank goodness this swan has not been spotted anywhere near your blog. This could leave a mark on a bird’s personality. What a big responsibility that would be!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Anita. Luckily, I’m on good terms with the swans, mainly because I’ve been know to feed them on occasion. I think they’ll cut me some slack.

  2. ehpem

    So, I am here on a Wednesday, hope that is OK. Blooper or not, the swan probably is tired of the graceful curved neck shots and glad for something a bit different, especially with identity obscured.


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