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the future of (my) photography

# 4224

# 4224

On this day, in 1970, the number one song in the USA (according to Billboard) was “Bridge over Troubled Waters” by Simon and Garfunkel.  Having not heard this song in quite a while I listened to it again and it still is as fresh and beautiful as it was back then.  A piece of pop art that has endured for over 43 years (and counting).  It’s a nice idea to think that our own work will be appreciated over a long period of time but I don’t think it’s the case for many of us.  I’m not convinced blog posts are a good way of keeping records and neither is passing these files down to our descendants.   Archival prints (stored properly) is probably the best way to maintain  photos but printing and storing would probably fill an entire file cabinet (at least in my case) and cost a small fortune.    I could fill a couple of 4T hard drive, too, but who wants that.  And who will be able to read it 20 years from now? They would be like the old floppy disks from a bygone era.  

I’ve decided to donate all of my work, both physical and virtual, to a Museum.  What museum would want it?  A museum that collected nothing but personal art from families that want it preserved.  A museum that would take care of it and display the best, probably on a site available to all, free of charge.  A museum for the people that appreciate good works from those that never became famous for those works.  A museum for painters, photographers, sculptors, writers, musicians, dancers, actors, magicians and any artist that has a record that needs to be preserved.  A museum that does not exist today but should in the future.

I haven’t filed this under “stupid ideas” yet, but maybe I should.  I like pie even if it’s in the sky.

side note:  the song that replaced “Bridge over Troubled Waters” as No. 1 was “Let it Be” by the Beatles.