urban project

scan 0174

scan 0174

Back in the mid ’80 (that’s 1980’s)  I became aware of some of the effects of urban renewal in the Rochester, NY area and wanted to get some photos of things that had a limited life expectancy.  My wife hated this project because it involved (me) walking around the parts of town with the highest crime rate with a bag of expensive camera equipment on my back.  Actually, this area had one of the highest crime rates in the entire US at the time but since I was from this part of town originally I was stupid enough to  attempt it anyway.   It was not my objective to photograph these things documentary style but rather as a creative outlet.  Some of the slides were printed and still hang in our house but most have sat in an old dresser drawer in the basement for many years.  I’ve recently converted some to digital and thought someone (anyone) might like to see them.  Click on any photo to enter the gallery.


17 thoughts on “urban project

      1. Melinda Green Harvey

        I really like to find things like this. I have some pictures (not posted, yet) of a wall in Austin – it had a sign that said “High. How are you?” Sort of made my day…..

  1. ehpem

    I’ve been away from other blogs for a couple of weeks and I come back to this treasure trove! These are all terrific. I like 0160 a lot, and 0180 too. I expect all traces of these are gone now, so nice to have them preserved to such a high quality.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, ehpem. Yes, these are all gone now for many years. But there are still many opportunities left in various parts of the city if any one is willing to try this. I can’t say I recommend doing this alone, though.

  2. Earl

    Ken, I like to capture this type of historic urban decay as well and have come to often think of them as the equivalent of “industrial era cave drawings” depicting days and times past. Wonderful images that could never be fully recreated.

  3. Paul

    Very nice, Ken. It’s good that you did this and you lived to tell the story with all of your camera gear still in your possession! 😀

  4. Malin H

    I’d been terrified …
    I was walking around with my SLR in Copenhagen many years ago … and after a while I realized that maybe I should put the camera away … so I put it in my purse and held it tight…

    Very well done, Ken. I love the images!


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