New Hampshire – Live Free or Die

# 6096

# 6096

We just returned from a short vacation in Northern New  Hampshire with family and although it rained on and off each day, it didn’t dampen our spirits.  The rain and cloudy skies provided very nice light in my opinion.  This is a beautiful area of the country and we were lucky enough that our “guide” (cousin Kathy) knows it extremely well.  Unlike the scenic trip to NH we took last year, we concentrated on some “off the beaten path” locations; museums, ice cream shop (there are countless ice cream shop), lupine fields and even a horse cemetery.  We could have stayed much longer and still not have seen everything we wanted.


14 thoughts on “New Hampshire – Live Free or Die

  1. John

    Very nice series, Ken. I especially like your post-processing of the first image and the dreaminess of the cemetery marker (#6116).

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, John. It’s not a cemetery marker, though. It’s “Niobe” and this was destroyed in 1941 and rebuilt and re installed in 2012 near a private residence.

  2. Gracie

    These are lovely, Ken. The shot of the lupine field is wonderful. Love the colors.
    We were also in NH on the 22nd. We stayed near the beach though so I didn’t see these beauties.

  3. LensScaper

    That first shot is a beauty, Ken. Every window different. Intelligent use of black and white – allows the eye to concentrate on the the design without the intrusion of colour.

  4. Charles Ford

    Ah yes, got one of my favorite images on a long drive through New Hampshire, fond memories. Nicely done, I too thought we were looking at a cemetery statue there on #6116.


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