for sale…

# 2380

# 2380

1959 FORD CONVERTIBLE – red, whitewalls, like new w/minor cosmetic blemishes.  small crack in windshield.  one owner.  will throw in small family of chipmunks living in upholstery.  needs a jump.  will trade even for a 1975 Pacer or BO.


18 thoughts on “for sale…

  1. Charles Ford

    As another 1959 Ford, I would like to speak out in support of my….brethren….and just say how wonderful it would be for someone to find him/her a new home. 1959 was a very good year for Ford’s. I do object to the proposed AMC Pacer trade however….not cool!

    1. oneowner Post author

      My dad had a ’59 Ford and I think he kept it longer than any other car. It wasn’t a red convertible, though.
      I hope you’re in better condition than this Ford but really, there’s nothing on this car that can’t be repaired (given enough time and money). I guess you Fords have held up pretty well over the years.

  2. ehpem

    It seems quite wrong, this Ford in a Corvette graveyard. Especially as it looks like it needs burying too. Except the chrome – that is when they knew how to make it, last thing to rust.


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