seeing red pt. 4 and a receipt

# 7152

# 7152

I went to CVS, a major drug store chain in the US, for a greeting card.  After paying for it I got a receipt that measured 32 inches long.  I guess they figured I needed the attached coupons for skin care products, nail polish, deodorant (which I resent) and cookies.  Last month I purchased 2 cans of deck stain at Lowe’s and got a receipt that was 28 inches long.  I returned one can a week later and got another receipt that measured 26 inches long.  I’m trying to think up ways to use these receipts.  It seems every store I go to has a receipt at least as long as my arm.  Maybe, after a few more receipt like these, I can roll them up tightly and use them for fireplace logs.


25 thoughts on “seeing red pt. 4 and a receipt

  1. ehpem

    Love the disconnect between the text and the photos – I just know you did not take one of these beauties to the drug store, or to buy deck stain. Great shots! So red.

    As to the receipts, I noticed recently that our local grocery store is printing their receipts 2-sided, and I don’t mean they are printing ads on one side or insurance company driven caveats about botulism in your nuts, but that they actually give you a receipt with half as many trees in it as before.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, ehpem. Your local grocery store has a smart idea. It seems everywhere I go the stores are giving longer and longer receipts. The 2 sided printing sounds like a decent solution.

  2. Tina Schell

    Wonderful post – LOVE the deep color throughout, and especially the first shot with just a hint to begin the visual feast. And cracked up on the commentary – you’re right, never thought about it!! What a waste!

  3. Paul

    Some lovely reds there, Ken. I’ve noticed the long receipts at both CVS and my local grocery store. Lots of coupons for things that I didn’t even buy, nor would I use. Perhaps they should just text an image to my phone, save all of the paper. Nah, I don’t need more SPAM, but if I had a coupon for some … 😉

  4. Tom Dills

    I really like this series, Ken. These kinds of photos can be tough to pull off, but they all work well. And red is my favorite car color.

    Besides long receipts, it seems that you can’t go anywhere these days without being asked to complete a survey. I used to fill them out but have stopped.

  5. LensScaper

    Anther tremendous series, Ken. I presume you go to a Drug Store to buy a Get Well Card! Were there any health tips on the receipt or anything else remotely useful?

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Andy. No, there were no health tips on the receipt. Drug stores are mini department stores in the US. Aside from drugs and medicine, they sell candy, groceries, toys, magazines, cards and “beauty items”. The drug part of the drug store occupies only a small portion of the store.

      1. LensScaper

        Your ‘Drug Stores’ sound as bizarre as our ‘Tobacconists’ where sale of Tobacco is a very small part of their business. Mind you, in my business I ‘operated’ from a ‘Surgery’ but very rarely indeed did I perform any service that might have been termed ‘Surgical’.

  6. Toad Hollow Photography

    I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes working on this post. It’s like a bowl of cereal full of nuts; you keep finding things embedded in your teeth as you work through it. I like strawberries in my cereal. Strawberries are red. There, I think I’ve finally sorted it all out….

    Great car shots here, Ken. All of ’em are totally top drawer my friend.

  7. Charles Ford

    I know I wrote a comment on this post a couple of days ago, but it’s not here. Rather than launching into a conspiracy theory, I surmise I must have forgot to hit the Post Comment button. Anyhow, what I said was it was images like these from you that inspired me to go to my first car show last year. At this years show, I was wishing you were there to whisper suggestions to me, like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Great stuff!

    1. ken bello

      That darn button!!! Happens to me, too. Thanks, Charles. Shooting cars is truly a labor of love. I have a great time and the owners are such nice folks that are very proud of the cars. This has been a great year, the shows only called off once because of weather.

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