Labor Day, USA

# 7291

# 7291

Labor Day is traditionally the first Monday in September, a National Holiday that pays tribute to the American worker.  A lot of folks say it’s the last day of Summer, and for school kids it is, but actually there are about 3 more weeks of Summer and I plan to enjoy them.  Harbors and marinas around the Lake are clogged with boats of all kinds but soon they will be put away for the season.  This was shot in Pultneyville, NY on 9-1-2013.

sidenote:  I was thrilled to find a coupon for $1.00 off of Cascade detergent for dishwashers in the newspaper today but, after reading the fine print, was a little puzzled.  The coupon excludes purchase of the (I’m not making this up) “travel size”.  Does anyone travel with their dishwasher?


16 thoughts on “Labor Day, USA

  1. Paul

    Yes. I often find myself taking my dishwasher along, especially on Labor Day since I don’t want to do the work of washing dishes myself! 😀

  2. John Linn

    And I have one of those pocket size dishwashers, just incase I come across some tiny dirty dishes.

    I love Pultneyville… one of the nicest little spots on the lake.

  3. TomDills

    When we go to the beach, our rental unit has a dishwasher. The rental company provides a starter-sized supply, but if we are going to use the dishwasher a lot we may take along a travel-size box of detergent. We usually just bring some in a resealable container.

    When I lived up north, we usually regarded Labor Day as the start of the county fair season. It’s a good holiday, and comes at a good time, since it is a long stretch until Thanksgiving. There are a few banking holidays, for those of us who work for banks, but not all of the banks take those holidays.

    That’s a nice take on the marina, as all those masts make for an interesting scene.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Tom. I must go to the beach more often! Here in NY, most of the fairs are over by Labor Day, including the State Fair.
      My wife used to work for a bank and she had far more days off than I did.

  4. ehpem

    I love the parallels in our blog posts today. We could almost join my shot with yours, though mine would need turning around, again.
    I travel with my dishwasher. She says she travels with her dishwasher. It seems to work out pretty well, and the dishes do get washed.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, ehpem. Your photo is fantastic. I would urge everyone to take a look.
      In our house, we fight to see how gets to do the dishes since we both love to do them (some folks would insert an “LOL” here I think).

  5. LensScaper

    In the UK we’ve had the late August bank holiday. That’s usually the cue for the weather to turn nasty if it hasn’t done that throughout August already. This year summer has been very unusual – we’ve had sun, little rain and warmth. And we still have it. We used to go to rental apartments occasionally, and my wife always decided that meant she went on strike and I became the travelling dishwasher. Money never changed hands, unfortunately.


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