seeing red pt. 5 and a selfie

# 7218

# 7218

Cruise night are over here in Webster (Where Life is Worth Living) and it was one heck of a summer.  Only 2 cancellations due to weather.  I may have enough material for one more post after this but there’s always next year.

This photo was taken at the Rochester Museum and Science Center and is part of an upcoming series.

# 7336

# 7336


26 thoughts on “seeing red pt. 5 and a selfie

  1. LensScaper

    I’ve loved this series of Reds that you’ve done over the summer. Another classic gallery today, Ken. The selfie is cool – I took one almost identical to this in Switzerland. I might just post it sometime soon.

      1. Malin H

        Oh, I understand now… I was talking about your details now… and I guess that you were talking about my self portraits. Well, I like yours anyway 🙂

  2. janina

    Wot — you only cancelled summer twice, due to the weather! That’s some record….
    PS: Like the two selfies, especially the bottom one…lovely reflections, ken!

  3. ehpem

    Ken, I like the selfies too. I think I like the Packard selfie the best, subtle and secondary to the whole. I saw one of those Avantis on the street in my neighbourhood the other day, but it was a dull colour. Cool cars, even more so in red. As usual, a great series of car details – these have been inspiring me to look at cars differently, when I have the camera.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, ehpem. The Avanti was one the best looking American car ever produced and it’s still beautiful today. I’ve seldom seen any of them customized as it’s difficult to improve on the design although the “8 track” is usually replaced.


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