(not quite) last signs of summer

# 7148

# 7148

Believe it or not, I’ve seen a few dandelions in the park last week, but their days are numbered.  At least for this year.  I used to dig these up when I saw them and I still do, but I wait until after the flowers are gone.  If you look hard enough, you might find that perfect one waiting to be photographed.

# 9551

# 9551


15 thoughts on “(not quite) last signs of summer

  1. Charles Ford

    Great, beautiful, perfect Dandelion head. Actually, that sounds like I’m calling you Dandelion Head. You know what I mean! That’s also a handsome butterfly. After trying my hand at photographing stationary ladybugs, I know this type of thing takes a lot of skill. Well done sir.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Charles, I think. Actually, I’ve been called worse. A lot worse. The butterfly was actually an easy shot with the macro. He was trained to pose for photos so it was a no brainer.

  2. Paul

    Hey, Dandelion Head! Nice shots. 🙂 There are no dandelions around our neck of the woods at this time of year, or none that I’ve seen. I am, however, noticing a few leaves that have started changing colors. Soon, the Floridians will invade the western part of our state, leef-peeping.


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