house painting

# 7720

# 7720

I wanted to get a shot of the painting on the addition of this house which, coincidentally, is across the street from this house. The photo above was shot at mid-day and the one below at sunset.  It’s interesting (to me) how the time of day can influence even a standard photo like this.

# 7528

# 7528

One thing I noticed when looking at these two photos is that there is a gull on the peak of the roof in both.  I found out latter it was the same bird!!!



24 thoughts on “house painting

  1. Malin H

    I really like the atmosphere, and of course… the gull. 🙂 You have to give him/her a name. 😉 If you meet the same animal/bird more than once, you have to name it.

  2. Melinda Green Harvey

    Malin’s right: the gull needs a name. Will you be taking suggestions?

    Is this house, and the other one, located in the Mural District?

    The town I work in is called The City of Mosaics ( Well, actually, only the sign at the Chamber of Commerce says that, on a sign that’s not a mosaic. But anyway, I was wondering if the City of Mosaics and the Mural District might like to hang out someday, and discuss public art or something.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Mel. When we adopted Emo I sent a mass email to everyone in the world asking for suggestions for a name. The Agency gave him the temporary name of Brutus which didn’t fit him at all. So, yeah, I’m open to any name (2 syllables or less) suggestions from anyone.
      Webster doesn’t have an official Mural District but I think it’s a good idea. Something like that could put us on a map (or at least make GPS coordinates available so other folks can find us).

      1. Melinda Green Harvey

        As it turns out, I have a new granddaughter on the way so maybe some of the unused gull names could be put on the list for the baby. My daughter-in-law will be most appreciative, I’m sure. (Inexplicably, the name “Melinda Junior” does not appear to be under consideration.)

        Lubbock has a Cultural District, so I don’t know why Webster can’t have a mural district. It is, after all, where life is worth living.

      2. oneowner Post author

        Perhaps you new granddaughter would be delighted with Emo’s naming contest runner-up names “Spooky” or “Clemenza”.
        I have a contact on the town planning board. I should run the “Mural District” project by her so she can bring it up with the rest of the board. Since it’s political, I’m not very hopeful.

      3. Melinda Green Harvey

        One of the name-choosing considerations (I think; I had only one child) is if it sounds good with sibling names. And I think Clemenza and Hannah sound great together. Thanks for the suggestion, which I will pass along.

      4. oneowner Post author

        It’s possibly the reason he had been in the shelter for so long. I’ve noticed other folks stay with the name that shelter folks give the cats.

      5. oneowner Post author

        Poor Emo was found outside in February in River Falls, Wisconsin. It was a brutal winter, too. He was taken to the shelter in River Falls and they gave him the best treatment any cat could hope for. But he stayed in a 2’x2′ cage until May of that year when we found him. When we asked the attendant to see him he ran out of the cage, jumped into my arms and put his head on my shoulder (like a baby) and purred away. That was the last time he was ever caged. When we brought him home we put him next to his litter box in the basement but he did not come up with us that night. The next day he came upstairs by himself and that night he slept in bed, as he has every night since. And he always uses his litter box. Always!

  3. oneowner Post author

    Thanks, Chris. All edits were done in Lightroom 5 on these. When I have a lot of sky in photos I tend to use negative clarity overall and I use the adjustment brush to bring in sharpness and clarity on objects that have detail, such as the house in these photos. It’s a very easy, controllable and non-destructive process. There is also a little sharpening, applied in my default import and a slight crop.

  4. ehpem

    So, am I just less gullibe (coff coff) than your other commentators, or did I miss something? Just how exactly do you know it is the same gull?

    And, I don’t think it is a coincidence at all. Looks like the same palate, and probably the same brush on both those houses.

    Nice contrast between the two shots. The light is a big part of it, but so are the clouds.

    We renamed our cat when she came from the shelter. Her old name was Fisher which Melinda’s granddaughter is free to use if she wants. Goes well with Hannah too.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, ehpem. i had the same idea; that it’s the same artist on both houses. The colors and style are very much the same.
      I realized the gull were the same when I used the 11:1 enlargement in Lightroom and I can see each individual pixel very clearly. You’re just gonna have to take my word for it.
      Fisher is not so bad. Could have been Brutus!

      1. ehpem

        I will take your word for it. It IS your blog after all, and your photos, and I know a few facts slip in unawares from time to time, despite your best efforts at keeping it fact free.

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