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# 7690

# 7690

First, let me apologize for the somewhat poor reproduction of the print above.  It was shot through the glass of the frame because I was too lazy to remove it.  The original slide was shot in the fall of 1992 on Kodachrome 64 film and printed on 11×14 inch Cibachrome glossy print material in 1993.  I made a total of three prints; the first was a bit too dark, the second a bit too light but the third was perfect.  The third print became part of a portfolio of fall leaves.  The first two prints were not suitable for framing so I decided to use a weaving technique to bring the two prints together.   I had seen some very early digital images at a show called “Montage 93”.  At this time digital images were not available to the general public and the science was very crude at the time.  Still, I liked what I saw in spite of the pixelated look and wanted to reproduce it.  I had tried the weaving on one other test print before doing this one to understand the technique better before doing this one.

First, the darker print was cut into 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) strips vertically and numbered on the back side with a Dixon pencil.  Then I made 1/4 inch cuts horizontally on the second print but the edges were not cut so the print stayed together. Then the vertical strips (of the darker print) were woven into the the lighter print.  I had to wear cotton gloves during the weaving because the print surface is delicate.  Finally, the print was matted and framed.  This was an exhausting process and one I would never repeat.

But wait, there’s more…

At our sister site is another experiment this week.  Everyday, Monday through Friday, we are posting a photo.  What is so experimental about that you may ask.  It’s the same photo every day!!!  

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