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leaf 2.0

# 8018

# 8018

Hostas are one of my favorite plants and we have a few of them around the house.  It’s getting close to the time of year where I cut them down to the base for winter so I started with this one leaf which I thought seemed photogenic.  I attached it to a south window Emo was not using at the moment with Scotch leaf tape and shot some photos over a 2 week time period.   The leaf, over the course of the two weeks, and in addition to the original green, took on a yellow and rust color that picked up the light nicely,  In the end, though,  I thought the colors were a little gaudy so I use a creamtone preset I made in Lightroom.  I also got a chance to use the extension tube set from Amazon and it worked very well.  More on that later.

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Emo eventually demanded the window back so I had to discontinue this series.  But there will be another leaf series coming up so stay tuned.