Memorial Point

# 8617

# 8617

This is Memorial Point at Bear Creek Harbor in Ontario, NY.  It’s a very small park dedicated to the service men and women of Wayne County who made the ultimate sacrifice in each of the wars and conflicts of the United States.  There are plaques embedded in the rocks with the names of each of the service men and women going back to the Civil War.  There is also a public boat launch into Lake Ontario.   On the day I was there it was very quiet and peaceful but I doubt if it ever gets very crowded.   I am drawn to places like this.  If you’re in the area, it’s worth a look.


15 thoughts on “Memorial Point

  1. Sarah Wilson LeCount

    What a beautiful shot, Ken. We’ve had such dramatic skies lately. On a few drives home I’ve been sorely tempted to stop and take a photo – but then I decide to just enjoy the moment! Thank you for sharing!


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