high winds

# 2602

# 2602

High winds blew away a lot of leaves this past weekend.  We won’t see any scenes like this till next year.

happy birthday, M!




16 thoughts on “high winds

      1. disperser

        The closest lake to us dried up last year. Not much in the way of ponds and stuff. There are drinking water reservoirs, but most have restricted access, as do the sewage treatment plants (those would be some reflections).

        There is the pond documented in some of my posts, but that’s about it as far as anything near here.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Chris. The nature of the reflection is a little abstract once it is isolated from the surroundings. It was a fairly easy shot to take.

  1. ehpem

    I really like that stripe of ripples through photo – blending the colours into angled strips. And it is getting grey here on the wet coast too, though we still quite a few leaves on the trees, only a few of them turn these nice colours.


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