it’s cold on my shoulder…



This looked like an iceberg on the Lake.  I took this just before the sun went down and I had to walk across the ice to get it.  I’m guessing the ice is probably 2 feet thick at this point.  I wasn’t worried about it breaking but it gets dark very fast this time of day and the temp dropped to 19° (F) just as fast.  I took a few other shots but I didn’t wait around to see the sun go down.




25 thoughts on “it’s cold on my shoulder…

  1. Malin H

    I’m enjoying these fantastic photographs Ken! The light, the colours… the atmosphere. Everything! I start to freeze when I look at them 😉

  2. Jimi Jones

    Beautiful shots, Ken. Love those soft sky colors.
    You’re right, the sun drops quickly this time of year and the night air will be on you before you know it.

    I enjoy the crispness of the air during the Winter months. This looks like it was a fun shoot. 🙂
    Nicely done, man.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Jimi. The sun starts going down shortly after 4 PM here and then it goes down fast. It’s best not to be out on the ice alone at that time.


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