a simple twist of fate



The company that I once worked for was big on motivational posters.  They were in every hallway, cafeteria and conference room.  I’m not really sure how effective they were in keeping the workforce motivated but I enjoyed them for the stunning photography that was on some of the posters.  A few years ago, Emo came out with a few “Motivational Posters for Underachievers” that sold very well to the crowd of people that buy motivational posters.  They’re no longer available but he did accomplished his goal of selling enough posters to buy a lifetime supply of toys and Gerber Turkey Baby Food.



You can see another poster here and hear some great music here.


20 thoughts on “a simple twist of fate

  1. Paul

    That Emo is a creative genius! 🙂 I like the photography on those motivational posters. I don’t know how much they actually motivate anyone, but corporations surely like to believe that they do – kind of like team building exercises!

  2. disperser

    Static electricity discharge is probably a more pressing concern.

    I had to look at the top picture for a few seconds and enlarge it before I figured out what it was.

    1. oneowner Post author

      We don’t have to worry about static electricity since we don’t have very much carpeting. But the two Tesla Coils in the family room can give you a jolt.

  3. Jimi Jones

    I have always liked photography on posters, it really takes on another dimension.
    That Emo has got it going on. 🙂

  4. Earl Moore

    I always thought Cats in general probably spent a lot of time thinking about things but EMO is definitely a “big picture” type.

    Ken, somehow when Google Reader closed down I lost the RSS subscription to this blog and the notices of new post…that situation has now been remedied.

  5. LensScaper

    Great Poster – I think I, personally, would say something stronger than ‘ouch’ if struck by lightning, but we’re talking abut a very special cat in EMO.


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