2 13 14

Remember when you could walk along the shore of the lake in shorts and tee shirt?

Remember when you could watch a duck swim in the clear water?

Remember when you saw that pink Thunderbird on the road?

They are all vague memories but at least I have photos to remind me.  It’s 12°F as I write this and I had to shovel the driveway twice today.  Winter in Webster (Where Life is Worth Living) is starting to get a little old.


27 thoughts on “2 13 14

      1. Malin H

        Time it was and what a time it was, it was…
        A time of innocence,
        A time of confidences,
        Long ago it must be,
        I have a photograph,
        Preserve your memories,
        They’re all that’s left you…

  1. Paul

    Nope. I don’t recall any of that. 🙂 Well, we are into our second or third day of winter and I’ve gotten tired of putting on coats, hats, boots, etc. Ready for spring. 🙂

  2. LensScaper

    Memories of summer are faded and dimly remember. It’s only by looking at images like this, and those on the hard drive from last summer that one can evoke the memories of warm dry summer days. Will they ever return this summer? Just gotta keep hoping. Those animals that hibernate have a pretty good idea.

  3. janina

    “Memories….may be beautiful, and yet….” a la barbra streisand. I wish I’d had pink car…
    Love the water scene with two people; has great atmosphere. Yes, we’ve been watching the snow build-up in the eastern States, which makes me glad I don’t live there! I belong in the heat.

    1. oneowner Post author

      If you had a pink car I hope it would be as nice as this T’bird. I don’t know if it came from the factory this color but it was stunning.
      My friend Jimi says it’s going to warm up but I don’t believe him.

      1. janina

        Tell Jimi if he wants warm he should come here…
        The colour in your pic looks really more like a pale lilac and mauve was a fave colour of mine in my teens. The only three cars I’ve had were offwhite and metallic windsor blue (a real elegant colour).

  4. Jimi Jones (@JimiJones)

    Oh, yes! How I remember these good times when the weather was conducive to beings doors and enjoying nature. The good news is that we will once again enjoy this in a few months, which seem somewhat far off right now.

    I love that photo of the couple on the jetty. It’s beautiful. Each image stirs out memories of times past and something to look forward to.

    Thanks for sharing this, Ken. A welcome sight, my friend. 🙂

  5. chatou11

    You right Ken “Couple on a jetty” is such a nice tittle, just have a try next time!!! lol
    I love this picture too. You also have duck..
    The Thunderbird is a beautiful car and I saw some in France in vintage cars. beautiful details!


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