cosmic ice meets cosmic cement (2)




These photos were taken on a day where the temperature was 17° (F) but clear and sunny.  They were taken in the morning and the promise of above freezing temperatures was being predicted.  After I took the shots it was a while before I had a chance to see what they looked like on the monitor and by that time it was 35° and most of the ice was gone.  There seems to be a short window to photograph thin ice before it gets too cloudy or, in this case, covered in 6 inches of snow.




12 thoughts on “cosmic ice meets cosmic cement (2)

  1. disperser

    That’s been my experience. When I shoot ice macros I can sometime watch my subject dissolve as I try to focus on it.

    Nice shots. Did you shoot any closer macros of the edges?

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Emilio. I wanted to get closer so I went inside to get the extension tubes, got distracted a an hour or so and when I returned this was all melted. ADHD.


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