what light (through yonder window breaks?) pt. 1



It is the south light, not the east, though.  But even so it’s generally a soft light on overcast days, and we get a lot of them.  These are potted tulips and they are much smaller than the garden variety but perfect for the table.  All shots taken with the D80 (since the 600 is in for a repair) and macro lens.  The very close up shots had an 25mm extension tube added.  I like to shoot flowers but the opportunity rarely presents itself this time of year so I was glad to receive these tulips.

Click on any image to enter the gallery.


20 thoughts on “what light (through yonder window breaks?) pt. 1

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Tom. I tried to be somewhat accurate to the actual color of the flowers and on my monitor they look true. I’m not sure how everyone else sees them but for photos like this it isn’t all that important.

  1. Meanderer

    Beautiful images – all of them. So fresh, vibrant, and colourful. How lovely to have these indoors to cheer when outside looks uninteresting.


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