Daily Archives: April 3, 2014

what light (through yonder window breaks?) pt. 2



Since the last post, the D600 was returned from Nikon with a new shutter and firmware and I needed to check it out.  But outside it’s cold, wind and rain mixed with snow and generally not pleasant.  The tulips on the table are looking pretty good to me now.  There is a nice soft light from the south window and it falls nicely on the tulips.  All shots taken with the D600 and macro lens.  The shots had 50mm  of extension tubes added.  These shots turned out to be more experimental than I had planned as all of my default settings were gone, replaced by the new software Nikon installed.  Of course, I did not have a list on my default settings so I had to play around with the camera more than I like to.  But at least it’s warm and dry inside.

By the way, the tests showed no sign of the persistent sensor spots I had seen before I sent the camera in for repair.  Essentially,  it’s a new camera.  Actually, better than new.

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