Daily Archives: May 26, 2014

lilacs, magnolia and more



Rochester, NY was once known as the Flour City, based on the numerous flour mills which were located along the waterfalls on the Genesee River in the early 1800’s.  But by the mid-1800’s, flour production declined and seed production increased.  With the addition of parks in the area and the planting of thousands of flowers, trees and shrubs, Rochester became known as the Flower City.  Highland Park, in the heart of the city, has one of the largest collections of lilac plants in the world and they are in full bloom in early to mid May each year. I never thought the lilac was a particularly photogenic flower but I tried to get some decent shots last week when they were in bloom.  What I really wish I could do is bottle the fragrance that they have.  On the day I visited there was a light breeze and you could smell them from quite a distance.

In addition to the lilacs, the numerous magnolia trees were also in bloom.  These are gorgeous, large flowers but they don’t stay on the trees very long so there is a small window of opportunity for photographers to catch them at their peak.


Here are a few more photos taken that day.  Click on any one to enter the gallery.