19 thoughts on “tulips

  1. disperser

    I see the mister was busy . . . that’s the implement that generates mist, and not the gentleman, although it looks like the gentleman too was busy.

    Nice shots.

    By the way, I came across an odd thing with the extension tubes . . . when I use the tubes, I get spots as if there was dirt on the sensor . . . except that it does not show up with any lenses (including the 100mm macro) when I do my ‘spots test’.

    I remembered you mentioned spots in your camera (and sending it back). Was this only when using the tubes, or all the time?

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, E. I was having the spot problem all the time and with all lenses. The repair seems to have taken care of the problem for now but I won’t say it’s fixed for a few months. If you only see spots with the macro I would think there is some foreign matter on or inside the lens. Do the spots appear in the same area each time you see them? I have seen dust or debris get inside a lens before even though they look well sealed. Lenses are much more complicated now than they were in the past, what with internal motors for auto focus and stabilization. Is it possible that lubricant from the motor was released onto an element? I don’t know but maybe.

      1. disperser

        I only notice spots (in the same place) when I use the extension tubes (all three; I’ve only used the three stacked, and not tried them singly).

        I will be running some tests specifically to identify the when and why of the spots. They do not show up with just the macro lens, nor with the other lenses (I’ve been shooting sky photos without any spots in evidence regardless of the lens or post-processing I use.).

    2. John Linn

      May be internal reflections from inside the tubes. I assume the interior is black, but if it is shiny then there still may be reflections. I saw an article where the some fine emery cloth was used to take the shine off the interior. Obviously carefully clean up after any de-glassing before going near the camera sensor.

      1. disperser

        These don’t look like reflections. They look like what spots on the sensor would look, but only when using the extension tubes.

        I would imagine, but don’t know, reflections would look different.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Jimi. I agree about the tulips in large numbers. There is a large bed of them at Highland Park that is perfect for you. But you’ll have to wait till next year as they are gone by now.


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