i like LIKE, but…




If we can be serious for a minute: I like the LIKE button in WordPress and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  It’s a modest way of approval a blogger can give a photographers work and it’s especially handy when you can’t comment for one reason or another.  Who wouldn’t like a LIKE?  Well, I for one when I found a problem with it.  When another blogger clicks the LIKE button on your blog it can’t be removed except by the person who clicked the LIKE button in the first place.  Why is that a problem?  I’m glad you asked!  It’s a problem when the Gravatar link to the “LIKEers” site is inappropriate.  I found one such link when I clicked a Gravatar last week.  I usually go to all the sites that click the LIKE button, just to see what they’re up to.  Apparently, WordPress does not have a way for a blogger to remove that Gravatar from your LIKEs list.  I know they are aware of this because other bloggers have made the same complaint about the inappropriateness of some bloggers who probably troll other sites to try to lure folks to their site.

I have maintained that the LIKE button gives a more accurate representation of who is reading your blog than a blogroll.  But the blogger at least has control over a blogroll but apparently not the LIKE gravatars that appear once the button is pushed.  So please accept this as an apology if you clicked on a LIKE Gravatar and were transported to an inappropriate site. If it continues, I may be forced to remove the LIKE button until this control issue can be resolved.



44 thoughts on “i like LIKE, but…

  1. disperser

    Lucky for me, I don’t click on the ‘likes’ on other blogs, but I too dislike that measure of control not being mine.

    I like even less the whole “reblog” and “pingback” implementations, as both deny me the same control (I’ve had my content linked to places I was not thrilled about).

    The ‘pingback’ can be removed, but I can’t remove the reblog; I cannot alter the post of another blogger. That’s understandable, but then I should be able to switch off the ‘reblog’ feature at my end, making it at least difficult to copy my content..

    As it is, there are a couple of places that in the last three years linked to my site. All were advertising for stuff I absolutely don’t want to be associated to. While nothing at my site directs anyone to them, anyone that does go there will see my stuff there, where it should not be.

    I think in an effort to “build a community” WordPress is doing a disservice to it’s users. I don’t think they give even a tiny bit of fluid effluent. Why I will likely switch.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, E. I’m using the free version of WordPress so I’m not sure if there is any more control over LIKEs, REBLOGs and PINGBACKs in their paid versions. I should look into that but so far I’ve enjoyed the use of the free version quite a bit. There might even be more free blogging services besides WordPress and Google that are worth investigating.

  2. La Tribu d'Anaximandre

    Effectivement, si le bouton “like” à de gros avantages, on aimerait effectivement pouvoir gérer les “likes” déposés sur nos blogs, et qui nous semblent inapropriés ou pas en phase avec nos idéesde ceux ou celles venus le déposer. Un jour peut être WP trouvera la solution 😉
    Belle photo et amusante 😀

  3. Rondje

    Luckily I never experienced that before, but when I do click on ´likes´ I check the address which it points to, wouldnt that have warned you?
    But, yeah, totally agree that you cannot control your likes, although without that issue I can understand why it´s no priority to wp, i guess!
    Great photo by the way 😉
    Greetings, Ron.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Ron.
      I think the address can be deceiving. And my main worry is that other readers or followers will go to that site, and I understand there is no control for that.

  4. Meanderer

    I like likes too but I don’t tend to click on likes to check out bloggers – whether the like is on my own site or someone elses. Like you, I take an interest in visitors to my blog but the way I tend to work is as follows: I opt for email notifications of likes, comments, and new posts and if someone new to my site likes a post I will look on the email notification to see if they have any posts. If the posts look as if they are of interest to me I will click the link in the email. One can often tell if the site is ‘iffy’ or unsuitable and I won’t then click on the link.

    In the footer of my blog I have images of other bloggers’ posts I like, a ‘My Community’ widget, and a ‘Recent Comments’ widget. These three widgets show the bloggers I like to interact with and are a thumbs up for others to have a look at. They are a better guide than likes which we can’t moderate.

    I remember an issue with multiple spam likers a few years ago when my blog was quite new. I realised then that there was nothing I could do to remove them. I tend not to worry about it too much these days.

    1. oneowner Post author

      My routine is much the same as yours. I get an email notification of a liker and visit the site of every new one. My worry is not for myself (I’m pretty thick skinned) but for others whi would look at the likes and visit those sites an get a surprise they didn’t ask for.

      1. Meanderer

        Ah, I see. I guess because it’s something I don’t do, I hadn’t thought that some bloggers do look at likers’ gravatars. In that case perhaps a note on our individual blogs or some pressure on WP to allow moderation of likes.

        Something else just came to mind that I’m not keen on is people outside the WP community following my blog. There is no link to them or their blog or site. They don’t leave a like or a comment but simply follow. I usually feel suspicious of that!

        I love photography and the WP community a lot. If a smidgen of that love went away I would easily give up being online in such a way 🙂

      2. Steve Schwartzman

        To Meanderer: I wouldn’t worry about non-WP people who subscribe to your blog. Just yesterday I had two comments from people who said they’d been subscribers for a couple of years but had never left a comment until then. As for Likes on my posts, they represent only a small percent of the number of subscribers, so I’m left with the inference that the large majority of subscribers neither write comments nor click the Like button.

    2. Mother Hen

      I don’t mind likes. To me they represent that others support what I share. I am not wordy in someways, and am kind of limited in my ability to use fancy or expressive wording. But I totally get what you are saying.

  5. LensScaper

    An interesting thought, and one that hadn’t occurred to me. I do think this is an issue that we should have some measure of control over. Like the image, by the way. We used to have a cat called Smokey!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Andy. I don’t think it’s asking too much to maintain control over this, especially since others have had the same problem.
      I’m trying to get Emo down to a pack a day. He’s trying very hard.

  6. chatou11

    Wow what a beautiful picture… just love it!
    For the like, I used to like the Like button, but I realized some people pushed on the button without even having a look to our pictures so I do’nt make appear any more. I prefer a few words! but this is my point of view and I push on the Like buttons on blogs I visit.
    I think it is more useful for those who are on facebook.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Chantal. I like comments, too, but it’s not possible for me to write a comment for every photo I see on other blogs. Very much the same as on Facebook.

  7. bentehaarstad

    I love the Like-button, for sometimes (too often) I have no words left to leave a comment, even if I would like to. At least we can show some support or like in this way. Alas there are some spammers or commercial sites trying to get traffic through our posts, but I think most ares stopped on their way by spam-filter. I try to visit my Likes (as much as I can), and then by the email notification because then you get a clue if it is some sort of spammer to awoid. I have noticed recently that I get a lot of followers that might be spammers, but I am no sure of this because what use do they have of following me?? I am glad for any other followers of course. Magnificient photo!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Bente. You’re right, the LIKE button is a show of support, especially for those times when a comment is difficult to publish. It would be a shame to give it up and I’m not at that point with just this one instance. I think it is important to know that there are spammers out there who like to disrupt a good thing for whatever reason. I also think that the more this happens the more likely WordPress will be inclined to find a reasonable patch for those that have the problem.

  8. Jocelyne

    I don’t think I ever got spam likes, I never thought of that before reading your post. I’ll pay more attention. Your photo is really beautiful ! 🙂

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Jocelyne. I never gave it a thought until last week ether. I think it’s just another thing to think about in a public forum.

  9. Jimi Jones (@JimiJones)

    Nice image of the cool cat, Ken. 🙂
    The Gravatar setup could use an upgrade for more control, I agree. Even though it is linked to that profile. But sites like Google plus also do not allow you to remove a like, but do have features to block someone who is just trolling about (dropping unrelated links, etc.).Gravatr could use a similar feature.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Jimi. I have a Google+ account but I rarely look at it. Perhaps it could be a good alternative to WordPress. It’s worth a look.

      1. janina margarita Nowak

        You have my reply on GooglePlus.
        I made a request on this very subject quite early on in my WordPress journey nearly 2.5 years ago…sometimes we have to wait for the good things to happen! Keep working on it, Ken; I’m sure you’ll have more success than me. Best regards,

  10. Malin H

    Oh, Emo!! He sure is a handsome cat.

    I have not experienced this, yet… Not that I know about. Well, a big like on this portrait of Emo… Is that smoke from a cigar? 😉

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Malin. Tou may not know it if you don’t click on the gravatars from the LIKEs. I’m not sure how widespread this is so I’ll just keep an eye on it for now.
      I’ve had difficulty capturing the smoke from Emo’s nostrils so this was done using smoke brushes in Photoshop. Very easy.

      1. Malin H

        I do click on gravatars sometimes and I willl keep an eye too from now on.

        Oh, in Photoshop?? I didn’t know that one could do such things in PS. I’m impressed, Ken!

      2. oneowner Post author

        There are sites that have free brushes of all kinds to use in Photoshop. When I was doing posters, I downloaded quite a few and remembered I had a set of smoke brushes. You can use differet colors, opacity and blend modes as well as the transform tools for a infinite variety. I make a separate layer for the brush strokes as that makes it very easy to control. Each brush is on it’s own layer, too.

  11. Alexander Lautsyus

    Unfortunately, you can not control not only Like button. There are few things more which once been punched loosing control. Thanks to WP users there are no big problem with that.


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