Daily Archives: June 26, 2014

mistakes ! have made



Though it’s generally believed I don’t make mistakes, I admit to making more than my share in my lifetime.  There are those who would argue that but I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight. When you get to a certain age you reflect on your life and, hopefully, have only a few regrets.  Not that I’m at that age mind you,  but I had an extra hour with nothing to do so I did a little reflecting anyway.  I’ll probably regret this but here goes:

I’m told when I was born I was late.  I’ve tried to be reasonably punctual ever since.

When I was in the military I misidentified a UFO on radar as being Martian when clearly it was from another solar system altogether.  However, because of this mistake, I was given a promotion and a substantial increase in pay.  Go figure.

I once bought a Chevrolet Vega.  To compound that mistake, I bought another Chevrolet (a Malibu) 25 years later.  Now, I don’t mean to offend GM or Chevrolet fans who may be reading this, but these two particular cars were the worse cars anybody has ever owned.  I believe the Vegas have all disappeared from the planet since I never see them on the road or at any car shows. They had a habit of turning to rust while still in the showroom.  Malibus are still being manufactured but I haven’t a clue why that is.

I didn’t buy Apple stock in 1980 (@ $22 (US) a share) because I was allergic to the fruit.

I’ll never be over Macho Grande!