the Packards (plus bonus photo)



Continuing on the Packard auto theme from a while back, here are more photos of Packards that survived over 75 years and are still looking good.

Click on any photo to enter the gallery:

Special bonus for those interested in the impending zombie apocalypse:





22 thoughts on “the Packards (plus bonus photo)

    1. oneowner Post author

      There was a brief period where retro was popular in thr US. Remember the PT Cruiser? It faded after s few years but the cars were nice, I thought. Today, most cars are not vere good looking.

      1. LensScaper

        Yes I remember the PT cruiser – if we are on the same page it reminded me a little of what were sometimes referred to as ‘funny’ cars

      2. disperser

        Never liked the PT Cruiser, and I could not see what anyone saw in them.

        As for why we don’t see lines like these . . . we do, in cars that are outside what most people can afford.

        What drives design these days are safety, aerodynamics, weight, manufacturing ease (size of presses), assembly, etc. Those old cars were big, and did not have the requirements underhood that we have these days, and the chassis/underbody being separate helped.

        Sheet metal these days is integral with the underlying structure, and serves multiple functions.

        But most of all, because people running the companies want to make money, and people buying the cars want to save money.

      3. oneowner Post author

        I agree with you about what drives design today but you left out one aspect – what the customer likes. American cars (and foreign cars that sell in the US) are designed for the American taste. It seems that more SUVs are trying to look more care-like and cars are trying to look more like SUVs. Everybody has their own idea of what a good looking car is. I prefer a clean design to some of the cluttered things being produced now.

        I liked the early PC Crusier. I drove a rental one time and thought it was well designed inside and out and performed and handled very well. I don’t know what kind of mileage it got but at least it was reasonable. In addition, it was small on the outside but very spacious inside. I might have considered it if I was in the market.

      4. oneowner Post author

        Exactly! it was bigger on the inside than the outside. But it only went back in time, not forward. But then if all you wanted to do was go back in time you could fly around the world really fast in a counterclockwise direction.

  1. Jimi Jones (@JimiJones)

    Man oh man, what a gorgeous car. These old classics are always a thrill to see. You’ve nailed it with these wonderful shots, Ken. Every now and again some manufacturer makes a run at a retro look auto but I just don’t think anyone will ever completely capture the styling of those glory days.

    Nice work, man.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Jimi. I wish I knew more about the history of these cars. Sometimes the owners will post a sheet with the original invoice of the car but, unfortunately, not so with these Packards. I’ll see them again, no doubt, and if I find the owners I’ll try to get more information.

  2. chatou11

    Hello Ken, I think these Packards are just too beautiful and so well maintained by their owners.
    You can post more and more of those cars, I love it.


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