a place to vent + mini movie review



We all need a place (and a time) to vent.  Click on any photo to enter the gallery.

Today’s mini-movie review is – “Sharknado 2: The Second One”!  I recorded this feature earlier in the week but I have not seen it.  Yet, I feel qualified to review it based on my previous experience with the original Sharknado movie, which was not called “Sharknado 1: The First One” but simply and tastefully “Sharknado” , which also aired on the SyFy network.  Like the first, the second movie is aimed at those folks who do not place a great deal of  concern for acting, direction, intelligent dialog, a reasonably believable plot or any artistic merit.  In other words, it’s aimed at me.  Still, having not seen it (yet) I rate this at 5 stars (*****) (out of 11 stars).  Watch at your own risk, time well wasted.



19 thoughts on “a place to vent + mini movie review

      1. Malin H

        Haha… That’s what I thought too… 😀 And when I asked my daughter about this she laughed at me. Everybody knows about that movie, she said.

  1. TomDills

    It’s always good to have a way to vent. Don’t want to keep all that bottled up. Nice group of photos. The movie review is lost on me, unfortunately. 😉

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Jimi. That car might be a ’32 Ford. There seems to be a lot of them that have survived over the decades. And still saught after.


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