seeing red pt 10



The photo above is actually not a car on fire.  It’s just painted to look that way.  This must have cost a weeks’ pay!

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21 thoughts on “seeing red pt 10

  1. Anita Jesse

    These are terrific and that “car on fire” is scary good. That reflection in the bullet nose grabbed my attention. Don’t know these cars like the guys do, but the focus on the small details sure holds me.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Anita. I’m fascinated with the details on these cars, too. Someday I’ll shoot the entire car but it’s hard to do that at these shows.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Tom. I think the yellow hood belongs to a late model Dodge Charger. I should do a better job of cataloging these but that takes away the fun.

  2. chatou11

    I love you way you see cars Ken. 1821 is ma favorite. Even if I could not afford all these beauties, It’s so nice to look at the lovely details. The painting is quite good and we can imagine a car in fire.
    It has been a long time I did not received your newsletters..

  3. ehpem

    Love the bullet nose too. Stedebaker? What I often do for cataloguing in situations like which does not interrupt the fun too much is take a quick snap shot of the sign or marque or whatever there is. Address label for a building. Etc.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks ehpem. Right, that’s an early ’50s Studebaker, one of my favorites. If there is a plaque for a certain car I’ll usually shoot it within the frames oh the car photos. So few of them have any written info, though. The owners like to talk about their babies, not write about them.

      1. ehpem

        A few decades back I knew a guy that had a Studebaker obsession. He always owned at least one. And sadly, he always crashed at least one every year. Some very fine cars paid the ultimate price for his idiocy. But I did learn an appreciation for Studebakers from him.

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