home by the sea (and more)



This house sits just a few feet from the shore of Lake Ontario and, as pleasant as that can be most of the time, I’m sure there are other times that the owners have to brace themselves.  This was taken just before sunset last week.

And now the “more” part:  Last week a gallon of white paint fell off a truck onto the access road to BJ’s here in Webster (Where Life is Worth Living).  It was promptly hit by another vehicle, actually several vehicles.  The paint can, being made of plastic, did not survive the hits very well and the entire contents are now part of the road.  Fortunately, I was there moments after it happened and with a camera, too.  I got a few shots after I removed what was left of the can from the road and those shots (keyword: cosmic paint) will be featured at our sister site lightscatter.  Instead of posting twice weekly, there will be a different photo from this series every day this week (except Saturday and Sunday, even if you offer me double overtime).  Please check them out if you have any time to waste.


21 thoughts on “home by the sea (and more)

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, SP. Lakeside residents are worried that the lake levels will rise in the next few years. They have enjoyed artificially lower water levels for the past 50 years which may be corrected soon.

  1. disperser

    That is awfully close to the water, especially during a storm . . . unless the setting is well-protected.

    But, yeah . . . rising water is a concern; I’m assuming the lakes are still being somewhat controlled as far as levels?

    One thing people may not consider (regardless if one believes in the dire predictions or not) is that most bodies of water are going to ‘swell’ as they warm. In fact, the predicted 2-3 feet rise in oceans (near term) has nothing to do with the melting of the arctic; that’s just the thermal expansion of the volume of water.

    I wonder if the same applies to the Great Lakes (obviously, less of a rise since there’s less volume). . . . ah; I just read an article on it . . .http://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2009/12/22/how-will-climate-change-affect-the-great-lakes/

    1. oneowner Post author

      Lake Ontario level has been controlled for years but at a lower level than it normally would be. It stems from the St. Lawrence seaway but the Seaway is not used like it used to be, so the lake water level will be raised to a level that it would be naturally. This decision has infuriated the owners of lakefront property, especially folks who built at waters edge (like this house). If the lake rises 3 feet, many fear some houses will be underwater. I have very little sympathy for these folks but I suspect FEMA will foot the bill for a lot of them.

  2. chatou11

    What a beautiful picture Ken, the light is just perfect. I love this place and I could easily live there but with the climate changing, I would be scarred of the water level!
    I hope all this white paint did not go to the water.

  3. Anita Jesse

    I am crazy about this image. What a mood of tranquility you captured. Your comments are bracing and introduce a dose of reality, but I continue on, lost in the seductive mood you have managed. Beautifully executed, gorgeous framing, exposure, and I could go on. Bravo!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Anita. I was hoping for an old fashioned postcard look with this because, well, I like postcards. I’m happy with the outcome but to be honest, I had very little to do with it.


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