it was a dark and stormy night…



…and it got even darker.  And stormyer (if that’s a real word).


35 thoughts on “it was a dark and stormy night…

  1. John

    Usually something happens on a dark and stormy night! Who’s the protagonist? The bad guy? The love interest? Don’t leave us hanging!

    Great shot, incidentally…

  2. Anita Jesse

    I will join the crowd on that bit of color. It sets this apart. But, it’s that light breaking through above the color that makes this such a powerful and dramatic story. What a beautiful capture.

  3. Meanderer

    Love this image. The patch of pink makes the scene a little less threatening – and perhaps uplifting.

    I can imagine the title being pronounced in a Scottish accent with the emphasis on the rolling ‘rrrrs’ 🙂


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