it’s that time of year, again



I was asked once if I arrange leaves for a photo.  When asked a question about photos I try to be forthright and honest.  My answer in this case was “sometimes”.  Generally, I don’t arrange leaves or almost any objects in the nature shots but I will try to remove some distractions that I don’t think would be of interest to the composition, if at all possible.  Sometimes it’s not possible to get the look I wanted and I have resorted to using the clone stamp tool to remove unwanted elements, but this is rarely done.  Sometimes it’s hard to improve on what you naturally see.


18 thoughts on “it’s that time of year, again

  1. Nelson

    Personnally I do not rearrange objects or things that nature offers me, I try to catch nature as it is but it did happen on a few occassion that I removed something small things that are blocking what I considered a perfect view

  2. TomDills

    My personal approach is that there’s nothing wrong with a little “landscaping” to clean up a background or to remove something distracting. Mother Nature isn’t necessarily a photographer!

  3. John

    I don’t have any issue with rearranging things a bit, if it results in what I think is a better photograph. Like a painter painting a landscape, I’ll take things out as I see fit. It’s all about the end result!

  4. LensScaper

    Sometimes you can’t improve on nature, and sometimes you can. Whichever applies here is immaterial – it’s just a great abstract design. All we need to do is look down and just tip toe through the leaves and find those potential images. Well found, Ken


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