when i look out my window…



what do you think i see?  Sorry, I couldn’t resist a line from an old Donovan song.  But I do have a window that sometimes gets condensation on it in the winter.  I miss the view but the light is still nice and the condensation can be very interesting.  Could be the start of a new series; cosmic condensation!

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23 thoughts on “when i look out my window…

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Mel. The colors are from the leaves and sky with a little enhancement.
      Only a small area of Buffalo got the huge snowfall last week. It was very localized. It’s a disaster by any yardstick but I have seen some extraordinary photos. We got an inch or two but it was gone the next day.

  1. Alexandra

    I like it even more after I have read this is condensation 🙂 some people would see only the condensation and stop there… you see more when you see out of your window, obviously 🙂


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