As I write this all the ice by the lake shore is melted due to the mid 40° (F) temperatures we have be having.  I did manage to get a few shots which I hope to be sharing here in the coming weeks.  I’m not too worried about not getting more shots.  I think it’ll get very cold soon enough.  I’ll enjoy the mild weather while it lasts.


9 thoughts on “ice

  1. disperser

    If I could see the ground, and if there was water on it, I might try the same shots . . . all white here, and as near as I am reading, the intense cold that is now here is heading your way.

  2. Howard Grill

    Happy New Year. I like the way the stone seems to be melting or pushing the ice away to its right. If I could I would melt the whole darn winter away. I wish I liked cold weather photography but I don’t. Well, one of my New Years resolutions is to get out there anyway!


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