I shot this handheld through the viewing lens of the giant kaleidoscope at the museum not long ago.  It uses colored liquids to achieve the multicolored effect.  It looks out through the second floor window onto East Ave.  There always seems to be a car parked there every time I go up there.  I’ll post another photo if I can get one without the car.


12 thoughts on “kaleidoscope

  1. TomDills

    That’s really cool, Ken! You can’t really tell that there’s a car there but it would be interesting to see how it looked without.

    We have a sculpture here in Charlotte that is covered with mirrored glass. It makes a good spot for self portraits but is hard to keep out other distracting reflections.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Tom. The installer could not achieve the proper angle of the eyepiece and it looks farther out than the design intended. I don’t think anyone really notices, though, especially the kids.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Howard. There is some color differences as the disks rotate and the circles and triangles move. Since the color comes from the liquid at the far end there is some limitations on the variety of hues.


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