It was snowing and blowing earlier this week at the Bay.  This is a marker for boaters and all that white stuff at the bottom of the frame is snow covered ice.  I didn’t see any boats, though.

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18 thoughts on “4

  1. disperser

    Nice shot . . . as for the pepper, it proves once again that it’s all about the name. Disheartening for them who want to break into the field on merit alone.

  2. Howard Grill

    Really nice graphic image. It almost looks like a black and white with selective coloring but I presume it is just the snow that gives it the effect.

    As for the pepper, it is a favorite image of mine but I will have to stick to seeing it in a book!!!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Howard. i wish I could say it was selective color but that’s what it looked like in the whiteout.
      I take out that book from time to time, too.

  3. TomDills

    This is a wonderful portrayal of the cold and bleak winter you’ve been having, Ken. I can almost feel the chill just looking at your photo.

    I’ll go 50/50 with you on the Weston if you want. Send me your half and I’ll buy it.;)


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