2 days with windows 10



First of all, let me apologize for the lame photo above but it’s the first photo I processed in Lightroom 5 after upgrading to Windows 10.  I actually sorta like it, the chicken not the photo.  Also a word of warning (NOW a warning?!): the title may be a little misleading since it’s not been a full 2 days with Win 10, more like 16 hours.  It’s too early to determine how much better it is than Win 7 but it’s showing signs of a nice upgrade should you want to try it.  I will say that it’s a vast improvement over Win 8 but I think most desktop users know that already.  While I don’t want to review the OS, I would like to mention some of the problems I had upgrading and hope you don’t experience the same.

I do most of my  post processing in Lightroom 5 and I did have some problems with the transition.  While the program itself transitioned well, none of the presets, importing and processing, made the jump.  Neither did any personalization I had.  I originally thought the catalog that I had backed up did not make it either but I later found it buried in a mountain of other files.  My advise to those using presets and a catalog is to back them up on a separate drive.  I only had 2 or 3 export presets I used routinely and making new ones was easy enough.  It took me quite a while to remake the import presets since I haven’t had to do it since Lightroom v3 several years ago.

I had some difficulty the folders from my Win 7 desktop, which were filled with photos yet to be posted as well as previously posted, did not get moved to the new OS.  Some of the plugins that were accessible from the “Edit in” menu in Lightroom are not available from Lightroom now, specifically all the Topaz and Nik plugins.  I haven’t figured out how to get those back but the On1 plugins are  still there and work fine and show up in the menu. Photoshop seems to work as usual, too, and I can access all the other plugins from that.

I haven’t noticed any performance improvements with Win 10 but I do like the fact that I don’t have to sign in with every restart.  Also the new Edge browser is very nice and I think it will become my main browser since Chrome seems to be conspicuously absent from the program list.  If you use IE or Firefox, backup your bookmarks to a separate drive, too.  I can’t find mine anywhere.  Backup your Documents folder to a separate drive, too.  I had an iTunes folder but I haven’t found it yet.

I’ll report back anything I find significant in the future but in the meantime, here’s another photo to make up for the one above.




9 thoughts on “2 days with windows 10

  1. Paul

    Best of luck with the upgrade and finding your other files/folders. I’ve heard that a few of my friends are upgrading to Windoze 10. As for me, I’ll stay with OS X 🙂

  2. John

    Thanks for the info on upgrading to Win 10. I’ve heard pretty decent things about it, but I’m not ready to pull the trigger yet. I very rarely have problems with Win 7 and am perfectly happy with it – but I know it’s just a matter of time before I have to make the move.

    1. oneowner Post author

      I don’t know if you would like W10 as opposed to W7 but it’s safe to say it will be supported for a long time. If you were running W8.1 my advise would be to upgrade TODAY!

    2. disperser

      The free upgrade has an expiration (one year). After that, and whenever they stop supporting Windows 7, you have to upgrade by buying it. I was hoping I could download it, hold on to it for a while, and then loaded after all the bugs and stuff are worked out.

      My biggest thing right now is the printer issue. Still haven’t received my free copy, so I don’t have to decide anything yet.

      1. oneowner Post author

        I’ve found other inconsistencies in W10. The software that supports our Cisco router is not compatible. I chatted with their tech support and they told me that they were not given the chance to have new vrsions ready for their customers from Microsoft. My old HP printer died last month and I haven’t replaced it so I’m not sure how other hardware will be. The only other hardware I have is a monitor calibration device but I haven’t tried it yet. If your PC is in good shape you can go for years with Win7 without upgrading and still have a great OS. Then get Win10 with a new PC. Maybe Win11 will be out by that time. If you have Win8 you should upgrade ASAP.

      2. disperser

        Windows 7 here.

        The problem with waiting years is that unfortunately the software will adapt to the new OS. I was happy with my XP (I still have it), but changes to the software accommodating Win7 ended up hurting the performance of it. I imagine that will be the same as new versions of the software are released. Bloat, bloat, bloat, and I don’t mean my eating habits.

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