The Kent Park Arboretum is not far from my house and I usually go there to shoot flowers whenever I have the chance.  It’s a beautiful little park and most of the garden maintenance is done by volunteers who do an excellent job and are very knowledgeable.  The photo below was also shot at the arboretum.



The volunteer told me that when the birds inside start flapping their wings that the birdhouse actually becomes airborne.  True story!


18 thoughts on “9/7/15

  1. disperser

    My neighbors complain when I shoot flowers; perhaps I should get a silencer.

    I also need to get me that art plugin (if it ever goes on sale again).

    And, you can’t fool me. I’m pretty sure that birdhouse has jet-packs assist. Actually, there’s a question engineers argue about sometimes; if you have a tractor trailer containing a bunch of birds on perches and you bang on the side of the truck to get them to take flight inside the trailer, would the measured weight of the trailer change? It has to do with assumptions about closed systems. You could try the same with a falling elevator and people, but with far messier results. Also, it’s difficult to weigh a falling elevator.

  2. Paul

    Really? That’s cool. 😉 I like, and trust the information that I get on a mostly fact-free blog! Lovely photos and a quite rare capture of a levitating birdhouse. Sweet!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Paul. This is actually the second levitating birdhouse I’ve shot so I’m not really sure if it’s rare. But I do appreciate your trust and thank you for your honesty.


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