!mperfect world 13


Another photo from the Samsung tablet while the Nikon is on vacation and we’re waiting for a new PC.  This little Chromebook has been very helpful in keeping up with all the other blogs I subscribe to, so feel free to comment.


9 thoughts on “!mperfect world 13

  1. John

    It does work pretty well in black and white. I’ll use my iPhone for pics sometimes – like last week when we were in Snowmass I snapped a shot of a balloon and posted it on Facebook – the photos are not bad. Not as good even as my old D80, but it looks like the gap is closing.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, John. I don’t think this will print well poster size but it’s fine for the web. I’m amazed at the ease and convenience of photography today inasmuch as the ability to take decent photos with a device that fits in your pocket and weighs almost nothing.


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