Daily Archives: October 5, 2015

computer update pt 2



A computer once beat me at chess but it was no match for me at kick boxing.   Emo Philips

Some readers may remember that a few weeks ago my old HP died after 9 years of service and multiple upgrades.  I had purchased a very nice Lenovo PC online but, after waiting 3 weeks for it to be delivered, I received an email that the PC us no longer available.  I chatted with the same sales rep that helped me purchase the PC but she only offered one other desktop as a substitute.  Although the price was the same, it had only half the dRAM, only 2 USB 3 ports and no card reader installed.  So I finally decided to go back to my original plan of a Dell which was a slightly higher end machine than the Lenovo at a slightly higher price. A nice benefit is that the Dell is a Windows 10 PC whereas the Lenovo was pre-loaded with Windows 8.1.   Anyone familiar with Win 8 knows what a mistake it was for Microsoft and, after trying it myself, decided that I would not load any software until Win 10 could be installed.

So now I am still waiting for the Dell to be delivered and trying to keep up with posts and other bloggers with a netbook and tablet.  This photo was edited on the netbook running an old version (V3) of Lightroom.