i stop for freebird



Computer update:  Well, after a long setup, the new Dell is in action and working fine.  First impression:  it’s quite a bit faster than the old HP but it plays well with the HP monitor.  It’s a nice monitor, 24 inches, with both DVI and HDMI inputs and 4 USB2 ports.  The Dell is connected to the HDMI port and it works fine.  The monitor has some decent speakers, too.

The Dell has Windows 10 pre-installed, a separate graphics card with 2G RAM, 24G of DRAM, 4 USB 3 and 4 USB 2 ports as well as a card reader.  The hard drive enclosure is connected via USB3.  It contains the two drives with photos from the old HP.  It’s seems to be working well and still has two empty bays.

Before I downloaded any software I installed Norton AV.  I had to remove the MacAfee that was preinstalled at the factory to do so but I’ve had good luck with Norton for 12 years so I’ll stick with what works for me.  I also got an offer from BLURB to get Adobe CC (Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge) for $7.99/month (US) for the first year. I still don’t like the idea of renting software but I’d better get used to it.  I haven’t installed any plugins yet but I hope to get around to it soon.

I have had the opportunity to edit only a few images so far but the Dell seems to be designed for the task.  It’s fast and smooth and more than capable handling multiple large files.

I’ll try to let everyone know how things go with it as I progress.




20 thoughts on “i stop for freebird

  1. linn.john@gmail.com

    Lots-o-color… quite pretty.

    I just took the leap with Adobe CC on sale for an annual $98 which is about what your first year comes out to. Not a lot new in LR and not a lot of stuff I need in PS, but it is nice to be up-to-date and expecting more as the year progresses. The CC connection to mobile is neat but I can’t image doing too much editing on my iPhone or iPad and automatically syncing back to the desktop (and works fine) but I only trust my desktop monitor, so…

    Have fun with your new computer. It is nice to have things speed-up while editing.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, John. Aside from some cosmetic changes in Lightroom, I haven’t noticed a lot of difference (so far). I’m not interested in the mobile version but maybe someday it will come in handy.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Wait a minute…I never said there were going to be good photos!
      So far, everything is working fine. The monitor calibrates nicely. The enclosure works fine and very fast with the USB3 connection, just like a regular internal HD. It took me less than 5 minutes to add a new drive but after I installed it the drive had to be formatted, of course. Easy. Photoshop and Lightroom CC are working fine and very fast. Haven’t used Photoshop yet but I installed the On1 suite and it works fine, automatically integrated with Lightroom. I’ll try installing some Topaz plugins soon. The Impressions plugin gave me a lot of trouble on the old HP so I think that will be the real test as to how fast this thing is, Stay tuned.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Anita. Yes, it’s 64 bit. I think that’s pretty common now. My old HP was about 7 years old and it seemed very fast to me at the time. But computer companies are putting their efforts into tablets and phones now so progress on these desktops will probably be slow from now on.


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