cosmic cookie sheet?



I hate to confuse people but for clarification I have to say that the photos or the foil I use to cover the cookie sheets are getting lumped into the cosmic cookie sheet project, at least until I (or someone?) can come up with a better term.

click on any image to enter the gallery.




5 thoughts on “cosmic cookie sheet?

  1. Howard Grill

    How about naming the project “Foiled Again”? The foil images look like they would be very cool to layer on other photos with different blending modes. A vary beat series.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Brilliant minds think alike. I have a keyword “texture” that I assign for photos that look like they will layer well with others. I’ve already assigned that keyword to these although I’ve yet to use them as a layer. It was in the back of my mind when I shot them.


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