At the Bank of America.


14 thoughts on “3/3/16

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Meanderer. Shot this on my phone and it turns out this is standard phone crop. The phone is just okay as long as there isn’t too much detail in the shot.

      1. Meanderer

        It’s very crisp. I recently bought a smartphone and have been surprised at how well some of the images have come out with it – especially mid-distance ones.

  1. Howard Grill

    Looking at this gave me a flashback…..I remember a science fiction show when I was a kid when this spaceship went to another world and took pictures but forgot to turn on something that showed them the scale or focal length and when they got back to earth the crew was told the pictures were useless because they had no idea if what they were looking at in the photo was minuscule or massive. This reminded me of that immediately. Are those snowflakes or huge alien colonies living under domes…..

    1. oneowner Post author

      I may have missed that show but i sounds like something I would watch even today. This was really a lucky impulse shot. I stopped at the bank for a quick transaction and walked past the sign. It was an interesting graphic and grabbed my attention quickly. I took the shot, finished the banking and went home. Yes, real snow (and lots of it).


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