bLue truck on bridge (w/yeLLow Lines)



This is a photo of a blue truck on a bridge that I like but I’m having a difficult time finding a suitable name for it.


17 thoughts on “bLue truck on bridge (w/yeLLow Lines)

  1. LensScaper

    I hate having to come up with a title – so often they are merely stating the obvious. How about: ‘I’m late’. Or as the truck is heading ‘back’ across the frame perhaps: ‘Damn, I forgot my tools’.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Andy. You can tell I’ve given up on trying to find appropriate names. But I’m always open to suggestions, especially from folks I admire.

  2. Lucy & Jack

    How did you take a picture of a moving truck on a bridge without getting in an accident?  You better be more careful brother.  Love,Sisps    Is “L” the letter of the day.  lol

  3. Howard Grill

    Definitely don’t name it “Blue Truck On A Bridge”. I think “Blue Truck On Bridge” is the way to go. That “A” makes all the difference. You can thank me later!


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