shot with the moto turbo 2


15 thoughts on “italian

    1. oneowner Post author

      You are correct, Linda. Your prize: dinner for 2 at Don’s Original in Irondequoit, NY or Bill Gray’s (Home of the Worlds Greatest Cheeseburger) (Webster or Irondequoit locations). I hope you like hot sauce!

      1. Linda Grashoff

        Yea! That’s very generous, Ken. And I do like hot sauce. But may I take a rain check? I probably wouldn’t have guessed this but for your posting the Spanish moss earlier.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Nor me, either. But (and take no offense at this) the title actually refers to a type of salad dressing. I have a series of posts titled after, that’s right, salad dressings. It’s the only reason to eat salad. And Italian is my personal favorite. I’m still trying to figure out the connection to the photos.

      1. disperser

        Disperser Salad Dressing (Italian by virtue of me being of Italian origin):
        4 parts olive oil
        2 parts red wine vinegar

        The kind you buy has lots of other stuff in there, so if I’m at a restaurant, I’m more likely to have Thousand Islands than Italian. At least then I know what I’m getting.

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