thousand island



A “selfie” from early this fall.  This is a door in a Quonset hut from WW2.  These structures were intended to be temporary but there are still quite a few of them around and some seem to be in very nice shape.  The door on this one is fairly new.




9 thoughts on “thousand island

  1. disperser

    . . . weird . . . you have the same lean as the doorframe.

    Also, that’s a model of the USS Constitution on the window. . . or, at least, it looks like it. I remember it had a neat copper-like paint for the hull. That was the first model I ever built. First and last. While I took care in doing it and was pleased with the results, I figured out I preferred doing other things.

  2. ehpem

    Quonset huts are strangely persistent – lots of them around here too. Terrific design, great for photographers, but less good for the neighbourhood vibe. Somewhere (I am sure of it) they are being listed as heritage buildings, not to be altered.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, ehpem. Strangely. I was always attracted to these simple buildings. I like the low maintenance-high durability factor. They probably wouldn’t do much to improve the typical suburban neighborhood bit I think they are better looking that some of these 5000 sq. ft. houses that are being built today. I would miss an attached garage, though.

  3. Linda Grashoff

    If I block out the Constitution, I still think the second photo is a winner. The first one is, too; love all those rectangles, the “quilted” wall, your composition, etc., etc. What’s going on with the scribbly bit above the door?

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Linda. I think someone went a little crazy with the aluminum paint. This hut is located on the shore of Canandaigua Lake so it gets hit with a lot of abusive weather. My guess is someone may have tried to repair a panel at one time. I don’t know where you would get spare parts for one of these.


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