where’s everybody 7






12 thoughts on “where’s everybody 7

      1. oneowner Post author

        Oh, yes. I recently attended a concert and a recital (both after hours) at the Hochstein School. I had time to wander around before the music started and shot these with a phone camera. All of the shots in this series were taken at the school except #6, which was shot on my lunch break at Orbaker’s Drive-In on Rt. 104 in Williamson, NY. I don’t get paid to endorse either the school or the drive-in but I can tell you that you can hear some very talented musicians at the school and you can get a really good burger at the drive-in.

  1. Howard Grill

    What I really love about the top one is that there is so much there to discover if you look around the image. My favorite part is the grouping of arrows down the hallway on the far right!

  2. Alexandra

    I’m soooo enjoying this series 🙂 omg, are there really so many arrows in such places, I have never noticed… you can make a map combining them at some point 😀

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Alexandra. Since this is a music school attended by a lot of children, the arrows help them find their way around the rooms in this huge building. I found them helpful myself when I was taking these shots!


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