Seneca Falls, NY 2 and RIP Pop Photo





This just in:

Popular Photography, the largest circulated imaging magazine that launched its first issue in May 1937 in New York City, has ceased publication after being continuously in production for 80 years. The March/April 2017 issue will be the last in print.

I will miss it.


7 thoughts on “Seneca Falls, NY 2 and RIP Pop Photo

  1. disperser

    Liked the photos . . .

    I read about the demise of PP. I subscribed on and off for a number of years (currently subscribed – just read their annual reader photo contest) but lately found it less useful as it seemed more a giant advertisement. Only found a few issues interesting and even then, it could not compete with what’s available for free online.

    Still, thinking of the people who put their efforts into it, it is a little sad.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, E. I really enjoyed the articles about other photographers and the technical articles. Online material is very nice and I try to make good use of it but there was always something special about any print edition that I miss.

  2. Howard Grill

    I haven’t subscribed in a bunch of years……but I read it regularly when I was younger and each issue perked my interest in the photographic arts further. Sorry it’s going out of print. Unfortunately that seems to be the case for so many print magazines. I still like reading magazines in print better than on a tablet etc

    1. oneowner Post author

      I prefer the print edition, too, but I have lately been subscribing to the on-line edition of our local newspaper. I do prefer that over the paper edition and it saves a ton of paper.

      1. disperser

        I used to save magazines and for our first move, I had a number of boxes of print magazines. I then started saving only the articles I wanted and ended up with a file cabinet of magazine pages. I now scan or photograph what I want to keep. The paid subscriptions I have are all electronic. I get a number of free magazines and those all get donated to the common reading area of the gym, doctor office, or other such places.

        I do prefer the paper version for reading, but it’s inconvenient for saving stuff you want to keep for reference.

      2. oneowner Post author

        I donate all of the magazines to the local library where anyone can take them for free. It’s a good way to reuse print material. I started doing that with books that I don’t want anymore, too. There are still folks that read!

      3. disperser

        None of the libraries I asked were interested in the magazines. Books, yes; donated those, also gave them to people I knew. I do miss those.

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