Daily Archives: April 3, 2017

b sides



Years ago, there were such things called “records”.  On these records there was usually a song by an artist that the record company hoped would become a hit.  That song was on what was called the “A-side” of the record.  But because it was difficult at that time to manufacture a record with only one side, the artist produced a second song for the “B side”.   B-side songs usually didn’t get much air play because they were thought to be inferior to the song on the A-side.

I have used such a rating system for my photos, except my rating system has 5 sides.  Yes, through the miracle of modern technology, I have developed a 5 sided rating system.  It doesn’t involve “sides” as in the record industry, though.  It involves “numbers” from 0-4!!!  I have usually posted only those photos rated 3 or 4 on this blog and on lightscatter.  But, since I consider myself an environmentally conscious individual, I thought that I should, on occasion, post the photos with a 2 rating so that they are not completely wasted.  I hate waste.  It’s bad enough I have to waste the 0 and 1 rated photos, and there are plenty of those.

So, here are the first batch of B side photos.  They still are within EPA guidelines (while we still have them) and I hope they will have served an important purpose.   I don’t know what that purpose is but here they are anyway,