Daily Archives: April 13, 2017

…experimenting with Instagram





A few weeks ago I opened an Instagram account for the purpose of following some photographers/bloggers that I admire.  I enjoy the posts of these tremendously talented photographers and have found it very exciting in that respect.  There’s a lot of great work to inspire anyone.

I haven’t mastered all of the complexities of Instagram, mainly because it is primarily a mobile app and I admit I’m behind the curve on the whole mobile thing.  If you are used to editing on a PC or Mac you will understand what I mean.  But I’ve found an app (Gramblr) that works well with a PC.  I think it’s available for Mac, too.  The app allows a user to post to Instagram directly from a PC.  This is perfect for me since I prefer to use my phone for phone calls (and sometimes taking pictures), not posting.  My goal is to post at least one photo per week.

You can see my Instagram feed here.