…experimenting with Instagram





A few weeks ago I opened an Instagram account for the purpose of following some photographers/bloggers that I admire.  I enjoy the posts of these tremendously talented photographers and have found it very exciting in that respect.  There’s a lot of great work to inspire anyone.

I haven’t mastered all of the complexities of Instagram, mainly because it is primarily a mobile app and I admit I’m behind the curve on the whole mobile thing.  If you are used to editing on a PC or Mac you will understand what I mean.  But I’ve found an app (Gramblr) that works well with a PC.  I think it’s available for Mac, too.  The app allows a user to post to Instagram directly from a PC.  This is perfect for me since I prefer to use my phone for phone calls (and sometimes taking pictures), not posting.  My goal is to post at least one photo per week.

You can see my Instagram feed here.


17 thoughts on “…experimenting with Instagram

  1. conspicari

    It’s even more difficult using a windows phone as the instagram app is only a beta version. I have a lightroom plugin which when it works is ok but it’s temperamental.

  2. Howard Grill

    Cool shots. I just started posting a couple weeks ago there as well. I have been uploading my image to Dropbox from my computer and downloading to the phone to post. But I really don’t like the whole phone thing particularly either. I guess it is what originally set them apart though. But now that it is becoming more ‘mainstream’ and used by photographers who are posting images that didn’t start out on their phones I wonder if it will change.

    1. oneowner Post author

      I’ve been trying to keep apps off my phone that may contain any personal information, such as Facebook and Instagram. I don’t use the Dropbox app either on the phone. I worry that if the phone ever got lost that there is too much information available to whoever finds it. Gramblr works fine but it has cropping restriction I don’t care for.

  3. bluebrightly

    You have some great photos on Instagram! I keep forgetting to use it. I don’t mind having the app on my phone, and I enjoy using the phone to take photos, but I just forget! Gramblr sounds intriguing but I don’t want to start thinking about posting from the PC to Instagram – already, life is complicated enough. But the multiplicity of options is what gives each of us the chance to figure out our own way, isn’t it?

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Lynn. I like to take photos with my phone and I’ve posted many here. But I download all the photos to my PC where I can spend some time with them on a larger screen and properly edit them. I know you’re thinking “control freak” and you’d be right. Like Popeye says, “I yam what I yam”!

  4. Linda Grashoff

    Boo hoo. I’m sad that I will not be taking advantage of another opportunity to see what you do with a camera, but I don’t do Facebook or Instagram. I know that other entities also steal my data, but those two (or one, since Instagram is owned by Facebook) do it big time. Maybe you could from time to time show us on one of your blogs what you have posted to Instagram. (Leanne Cole does this.)

    1. oneowner Post author

      Aw, don’t be sad. I’ve been thinking about posting the photos from Instagram on 2clicks. I know several bloggers/photographers post the photos in both locations, too. Since I’m doing all the editing and posting from the Dell it would be easy enough and I think they could make interesting posts here. My other idea is to start a new page that has only the Instagram photos. That way it would be easier to find them and for me to keep track of them.

  5. TomDills

    I use Instagram occasionally, and purposely limit my photos to ones I’ve taken with my phone, processed on my phone or tablet (usually with Snapseed) and can describe with one word. I also limit the people I follow in order to keep the feed manageable and of high quality. Which is why I now follow you. 😉
    Just looked at your feed, Tom. Some very nice work there.


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